Friday, March 8, 2013

Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlor Experience!

Ever tried eating Mt. Everest? (I'm not pertaining to the highest mountain of the world!) Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlor at Escolta has offered us a cold and sweet goodness of Mt. Everest w/ a generous servings of 9 scoops of different flavors of ice cream! We got this plate of goodness for only Php 100.00 valued at Php 200.00 at Ensogo! We've tasted sumptuous flavors of fat-free ice creams like avocado, strawberry, orange, bubblegum mallows, cheese, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, ube delight and  golden langka!

Me and my friends really enjoyed eating the ice cream and definitely we can say that this is one of the best cold dessert we've ever tasted! Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlor at Escolta has a good customer service, and we even asked them a favor to take our pictures while eating! ^__^

If you want to taste Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlor's "Mt. Everest" or try their other food offers, you may visit/call them at:

Big Scoop Escolta
275 Escolta St. Binondo, Manila
Tel. No. 243-1221, 244-7763

Enjoy! ^__^

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