Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Emergency Text Services

Running out of load or no load at all and in need to send someone a message for help/assistance? Well, good news! You can now send 3 emergency text messages whether you are a Smart or Globe subscriber. Simply follow these steps:
For SMART Subscribers:
DIAL*767 and press SEND
*You can also request for emergency load by calling *808 + 11-digit mobile number of your family/friend
Example: *80809181234567
For GLOBE Subscribers:
TEXT GTSOS and SEND to 3733
*You can also use the TextMo LibreKo service. On your Globe/TM Mobile phone, compose a message and then send to 2354 + 11-digit mobile number of your family/friend.
Your friend will be charged PHP 1.00 to receive and read your Text Mo, Libre Ko message on his/her Globe mobile phone; and another PHP 1.00 to reply to your message.
To: 235409171234567
Message: Please help me.
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