Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Emergency Text Services

Running out of load or no load at all and in need to send someone a message for help/assistance? Well, good news! You can now send 3 emergency text messages whether you are a Smart or Globe subscriber. Simply follow these steps:
For SMART Subscribers:
DIAL*767 and press SEND
*You can also request for emergency load by calling *808 + 11-digit mobile number of your family/friend
Example: *80809181234567
For GLOBE Subscribers:
TEXT GTSOS and SEND to 3733
*You can also use the TextMo LibreKo service. On your Globe/TM Mobile phone, compose a message and then send to 2354 + 11-digit mobile number of your family/friend.
Your friend will be charged PHP 1.00 to receive and read your Text Mo, Libre Ko message on his/her Globe mobile phone; and another PHP 1.00 to reply to your message.
To: 235409171234567
Message: Please help me.

Emergency Hotlines

Click on the image for a larger version (print, share and save)
Above is a list of telephone numbers for everyone to contact in case of emergency or in need of help / rescue during calamities / danger. Hoping that everyone's doing well in spite of the heavy rain pour all over Metro Manila and in other parts of Luzon. 

If you also have twitter, you may want to follow these accounts to get updates on the latest news:

Let us continue to be alert and be prepared at all times! I know that what we Filipinos are going through now is part of the Lord's challenge to us. May we continue to be strong! Never give up people! 


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