Thursday, December 13, 2012

SAMPLE ROOM - My room of free samples!

Ever wanted to try a product before buying one? I'm sure you know that not all beauty stores in the mall gives consumers a chance to try their products be it perfume, soap, cosmetics or lotions. Well, good news people! SAMPLE ROOM is here to give us a chance to try products for free before we buy! 

Sample Room is Philippines' first ever beauty and lifestyle free sampling website that allows consumers to try products for free before buying them. They'll have you experience the product and then decide if the product is right for you. You don't have to waste your money for a product that doesn't work for you.

Go to Sample Room's site now! Register, pick a product you want to try, wait for it to be delivered and when you received it, try it then rate and review the samples you got!

I got mine so what are you waiting for? :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bel-Air Residences Lipa, Batangas: A House, A Home and A Lot More

Do you have a dream home? Have you ever wished of having a very beautiful home to live in? Ever since I was little my mom always told me and my siblings that when we grow up and have our own stable jobs, we would buy a beautiful house for our whole family to live in. My mom describes to us that she wants a big two-storey house with four (4) bedrooms,  two (2) bathrooms, a stock room, a large kitchen, spacious living room and dining room area. 

My sisters and I are planning to buy a house where we can all be safe, happy, and comfortable. We're looking for a place where we can buy a new house to live in and I think that Bel-Air Residences Lipa can be found in one of the best cities in the country. 

The architectural designs of Bel-Air Residences are modern with creative interiors that is very pleasing to the eye. Their houses are designed for the specific needs of individuals or married couples who are just starting to build their own families. The designs of the houses are well incorporated for possible expansions to accommodate the needs of a growing family. Your choices of house units range from townhouses to two-storey units with floor areas as big as 88 to 165 sq. meters, all designed under the concept of  “Modern Zen” architecture.

Owners will enjoy amenities like their own basketball court, a jogging path, a playground for kids, barbeque area, multiple parks, a pool, a lanai, a gazebo and a Club House.

Parents and students should not worry a thing because Bel-Air Residences Lipa is near schools such as Ateneo School of Business, De La Salle University Lipa and many more. Aside from being close to established hospitals like Lipa Medix Medical Center  and Metro Lipa Medical Center, the village is walking distance from major malls such as SM Lipa, Fiesta Mall, South Supermarket etc. Other leisure places like the Mt. Malarayat Golf Course, The Farm at San Benito and famous Batangas dive sites are minutes away also.

So what more can we ask for? Bel-Air Residences Lipa offers modern homes for each individuals and families that gives quality living with extraordinary convenience, comfort and fun!

***and yes I love to go to Boracay!  :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Movie Review: Suddenly It's Magic

Suddenly It's Magic is a Filipino-Thai Movie produced by Star Cinema with lead actors Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales with settings in Ilocos Norte, Philippines and Thailand. This romantic-comedy movie is really good and applicable for everyone especially for girls like me who are looking for their mr. right or prince charming in their life ().

This movie is so kaka-kilig! Mario is really charming and yes, "gwapo"! In the movie, he portrays Marcus Hanson, a Thai superstar who wants to give a break from all his acting career and be freed after he was broken-hearted from his on-screen partner and real life girlfriend Sririta Taylor. He took a vacation to Ilocos Norte, Philippines and met Joey Hermosa (Erich Gonzales), a baker and also broken-hearted from her past boyfriend. The two later fall in love with each other and the magic begins!

What I love in this movie is that Mario and Erich really has chemistry and they both look good for each other! And, Mario speaks 3 different languages here, English, Thai and Tagalog! (ang cute niya mag-tagalog!) while Erich speaks in Tagalog, Iloko and English. Erich did a great job in speaking Iloko in the movie. She delivered her lines very well like his gay best friend in the movie Joross Gamboa. Joross is so funny in the movie, lol...he keeps me entertained in his comedic acts and lines.

Marcus and Joey's relationship faced so many obstacles in the movie but in the end, their love for each other prevailed! This movie is a much-watch movie for everyone! (Kakabitin nga eh!)

My Rating: 5/5

This is the first time for Mario Maurer to do an acting in a movie with Filipino actors/actresses here in the Philippines and I must say that I'm really impressed (as usual) with his acting in the whole movie w/ Erich and the rest. 

I salute you Director Rory Quintos for this movie! Thanks for giving us a chance to see Mario paired w/ our Filipino actress Erich Gonzales and act w/ both Filipino and Thai actors! 

A job well done! Feel so good movie!!

Here are some of the lines that I love in the movie:

"I’m getting all of my dreams because you set me free. And all of my dreams would mean more if you’re with me. And I still love you. I would like to think and to believe that this time we’re stronger, we’re more grown-up, we know better, and because we know what’s like to be apart from each other. And no matter how tough things get, we’re not gonna let each other go again… Will you be with me?"
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Iisa lang ang pangarap namin. Ang makita kang masaya… Pero siyempre mas masaya ka kung kasama mo ang taong mahal mo."
- (Joross Gamboa), Suddenly It’s Magic

"Sabi ni Mama, mahal ka niya kaya ka niya pinakawalan. Gusto niya na matupad mo yung pangarap mo na makatulong sa maraming tao. Sacrifice lang namin iyon kasi, mahal ka namin eh. Buong buhay ko, hindi ko yun naintindihan. Kailan ko lang naunawaan nung pinakawalan ko rin si Marcus. Kay Marvin na heartbroken ako. Pero kay Marcus, iba eh. Oo, hindi kami nagtagal, pero hindi wasak ang puso ko. Ang totoo nga, mas matatag pa ang puso ko ngayon. Mas malaki, mas masaya. Feel ko po, kung buhay si mama, yun din ang sasabihin nya."
- Joey, Suddenly It’s Magic

"What if you’ve figured out a long time ago that acting is the only thing you want to do. It’s the only thing that’s worth doing, na yun lang ang magpapasaya sayo. Kung okay lang talaga na mawala lahat yun, you wouldn’t have paid for all the things you’ve paid for. I’m not sure you’ll be happy with that you’re here."
- Joey, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Marcus, I want to be with you. Pero if being with you would mean you lose this dream that you worked so hard for.. Ang layo na ng narating mo kasi pinaghirapan mo to lahat. And you wanted this even before you wanted to be with me. Ayokong mawala to sayo lahat. I don’t want you to regret anything."
- Joey, Suddenly It’s Magic

"But I like you. And I know you’ll be good for my son… but not now… Not when he’s so close to getting his dream of making it in Hollywood too. I know my son, he is in love with you. He’s changing his schedule for you, canceling events. He also ask to get a private jet to take you back and fort to Bangkok and Manila. He will give you the world even if you never asked for it."
- (Apasiri Chantrasmi), Suddenly It’s Magic

"Yes, I’m galit! And I’m not in the mood to translate whatever I just said to you!"
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Ba’t mo naman gagawin iyon? Huwag mong pa-cancel yung meeting mo. Ang sama na nga ng loob ng fans mo, baka magalit pa yung taong dapat kausap mo. Siyempre, ako na naman ang masisisi. Nakakasama kaya ng loob na sinisimangutan ka, iniirapan ka, minumura ka ng mga tao na kasalanan mo lang naman ay nagmamahal ka."
- Joey, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Pakelam ko sa inyo?! Ako ang mahal niya. Ako, ako, ako! Hindi iyang salawahang idol niyo! Kaya sorry nalang kayo kasi ako ang mahal ni Marcus. Ako ang mahal niya! Ako. At mahal ko siya. Mahal ko siya. Mahal ko siya!"
- Joey, Suddenly It’s Magic

"From the moment we first kissed, all my real kisses have been reserved just for you."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Malamang, iyang happy ending niyo ni Marcus, panira sa happy ending ng ibang tao. O ayan, diba fan ka din? Diba mayayamot ka rin pag may nalaman kang may bagong boyfriend si John Lloyd o si Bea, diba? Kaya yan din malamang ang mararamdaman ng fans ni Marcus."
- Chinggay, Suddenly It’s Magic

"I’m sorry. I couldn’t imagine keeping you a secret. You are too good, too beautiful, too wonderful to be kept a secret."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Your cupcake told me to follow my heart. And my heart led me back here, to you. I don’t just want to pretend to be your boyfriend. Ang gusto ko, to be your boyfriend forever. I want to kiss you right now. But I won’t until you tell me you will be my girl."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Eh kasi namain, ang problema sayo, Joey, pinangungunahan ka palagi ng imahinasyon mo. Hindi pa nangyayari, iniisip mong mabibigo ka. Anak, hindi naman pwede na puro na lang takot ang nandyan sa puso mo. Sige ka. Mawawalan ng space ang pagmamahal. Mawawalan din ng space ang saya. Piliin mo naman ang magmahal muli. Piliin mo ang maging masaya, Joey."
- (Ces Quesada), Suddenly It’s Magic

"Ang lakas ng loob mong sabihin sa iba na, “follow your heart”, pero ikaw mismo di mo kayang gawin. Ading, wala ka na bang planong mag boyfriend ever? Gusto mo bang matulad sa mga regalo sa sala ninyo na naluluma, inaalikabok, at hindi nabubuksan?"
- (Joross Gamboa), Suddenly It’s Magic

"Thank you for what you did this morning. Your acting was so good! You almost convinced me that, you are my boyfriend.. and that you love me. That’s a line from one of your movies no?"
- Joey, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Hi, I’m Marcus. I want to thank you. Thank you for breaking Joey’s heart. Sino me? I’m her boyfriend. The pain you have caused Joey has made her more beautiful in my eyes and it made me want to love her more. Love her in a way you never could, love her in a way she should be loved."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"It’s not a lie. They may have lied to us. But the love we felt for them, the love they gave, that was true. That’s why it hurts. And that’s why we learn to appreciate and learn to let go of someone."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"I don’t want a sad cupcake no more. Hey! I don’t want a sad cupcake no more. I will be the man who’ll put the sugar up in the cake… Please by my girl, my happy cupcake girl! Please be my girl, my happy cupcake girl! Please be my girl, my happy cupcake girl! What’s up, cupcake? Want a dinner with me?"
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Marcus, the point of harana is to let her know how you feel by singing, not just playing the instrument. How will she get it if there are no words?"
- (Joross Gamboa), Suddenly It’s Magic

"My housekeeper said, I have to make you ligaw and harana.. That’s how you do it here, right? I like you. And I’m going to make you fall in love with me too."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"I stopped liking fairy tales and happy endings a long time ago. But’re making me believe in them again."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"My mom taught me that there’s no point in doing something if you don’t love it."
- Joey, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Magic? Love? Walang totoo dyan. Ang tanga-tanga mo! How could you allow yourself to believe in what you always knew was just a beautiful lie?"
- Joey, Suddenly It’s Magic

"I love you. Always had, always will."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic


(credits to: for these movie quotes!)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie

Who's excited to watch "Rurouni Kenshin" live action movie? This movie is set to be released on the big screen at SM Cinemas starting December 5! Starring Akeru Sato as "Kenshin Himura" formerly known as the assassin "Hitokiri Battōsai" and  Emi Takei as "Kaoru Kamiya", a practitioner & instructor of the "Kamiya Kasshin-ryū" and Kenshin's lover.

The live-action film adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin produced by Warner Bros. and directed by Keishi Ōtomo was released last August 25 in Japan and set to be released this December in the Philippines.

I'm sure all "Samurai X" anime fans will be flocking the cinemas upon the film's released!

Watch the trailer below:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

YG Entertainment’s hottest artists are coming to town! Korean boy group BIG BANG composed of G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri are coming here in Manila this coming October 24 to perform live at the MOA Arena as part of their “BIG BANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012". I'm sure all pinoy VIPS like me are excited to see them live! Big Bang's concert is going to be cool, fun, superb and colorful!

By the way VIPS, how well do you know our boys? Now, you guys should answer that. This is the question I'm going to answer here - "Which Galaxy SIII color do you think fits each of the Big Bang members best and why?" Okay, here we go...

o~ Kwon Ji-yong aka G-Dragon - Color: "Garnet Red"

 Garnet Red - represents confidence, fierceness, energy, creativity, and courage.

G-Dragon is the leader of BIG BANG. He’s very passionate in singing and has produced/composed many tracks in their group’s album. He always put all his energy in his work as an artist and was praised by many as a "hard-working idol". G-Dragon is well-known not only because he’s part of Big Bang but because also of his career as a solo artist. He’s recently released 2nd solo album “One of a kind” is a hit in the music charts that continues to prove that he is really “one of a kind” artist that can gain success even if he goes solo. 

Everyone loves GD! G-dragon is very charming and you’ll always be captured by his adorable face and smile! The color “Garnet Red” is a stylish color that perfectly fits G-Dragon's style. GD has a high-sense of fashion among the members of the group and has garnered him awards for being a “fashionista”. Me and the VIPs all over the world are always excited and looking forward to see him whenever BIG BANG or him as a solo artist releases a new album because he always change his hair styles to matchup with their albums. 

G-Dragon is always on fire and energetic whenever they perform in front of their fans. He loves his fans and he is always grateful for their support. He is a courageous man who in spite of the many troubles he and he’s group has faced he remained strong, confident and humble.

 o~ Choi Seung-hyun aka TOP - Color: "Sapphire Black"

Sapphire Black - represents sophistication, sexiness, strong emotions and mysteriousness.

TOP is my favorite member of BIG BANG. I love everything about him. He’s the hottest rapper with a big voice! He looks charming when he’s serious and acts as a big brother in the group. I love it when I see him wearing black suits because it really looks perfect on him. He has good fashion sense like GD too. For me, TOP is a mysterious guy who holds strong emotions and that’s what makes him not just a good singer but also a good actor. He has received many acting awards and gained praises of many people in the showbiz industry because of his good acting skills. 

I am always on the groove whenever I listen to TOP's song “High, High” with group mate GD. TOP always look fearless and shows a strong aura every time he acts or sings and that’s what mesmerizes me! 

 o~  Lee Seung-hyun aka Seungri - Color: "Marble White"


Marble White - represents innocence, cleanliness, perfection, beginnings and brilliance.

Seungri is the youngest member of BIG BANG and his clean; innocent look, cute smiles, brilliant soft voice and his perfect dance moves is what fascinates me! He has choreographed many of Big Bang’s dances (he even imitated PSY’s Gangnam Style dance – how sexy!) and has acted in musicals and movies. Seungri is the little baby of the group and has recently encountered some controversies and was scolded by his “Hyungs” GD, TOP, Dae and Taeyang but he’s strong and he has learned a lot from his mistakes and knows that he can handle criticisms from others.

 o~ Kang Dae-Sung aka D-Lite - Color: “Amber Brown”

Amber Brown - represents stability, reliability, approachability and feeling of wholesomeness.

Daesung is the "smiling angel" member of BIG BANG. I really love to see his smiles because he’s so cute and when he sings, oh wow…he has this powerful vocals that you would want to hear again and again. He is a talented singer that can sing rnb, rock, ballad and trot songs. 

When Daesung got involved in a car accident, he suspends his public activities with his group to give himself a time to reflect and did some volunteering works in a church he often attends. I see Daesung as a wholesome, down to earth and very polite person.  

  o~ Dong Young-bae aka Taeyang - Color: “Pebble Blue”

Pebble Blue - represents confidence, calmness, lightness, friendliness, strength, intelligence and stability.

VIPs all over the world loves to see Taeyang’s sexy dance moves and listen to his smooth voice. He is also a very dependable friend to his group mates especially to G-dragon whom he was friends with since he became a trainee under YG Entertainment. Taeyang is a talented artist who can sing and groove on the dance floor and yeah, with a hot body that makes every girls like me scream and shout “marry me”! And Taeyang's pure energy completes the group BIG BANG.

So do you want to see the boys perform in the flesh so freshly dressed?! Then get a chance to score free tickets by clicking this JOIN now!

**fan arts, banners and wallpaper were designed & made by myself**


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