Monday, September 26, 2011

Join Yahoo Purple Hunt Family Edition!

If the Internet were your Playground, how would you play the game?

Yahoo! Purple Hunt is back again! Yahoo Philippines will be launching the Yahoo! Purple Hunt Family Edition in a few days. Purple Hunters be prepared because this time Yahoo's going to make it more fun and exciting for the entire family!

Sign up and Register for the Yahoo! Purple Hunt Family Edition on September 28. Start playing and learn how to make smarter and safer choices online. Pledge to Yahoo! Safely, refer friends and get a chance to win these exciting prizes:

* Condo Unit for your family
* 100 Prepaid Tattoo Broadband Sticks
* Airphil Express Flights to local destinations
* McDonald's Birthday Packages
* 70 MyPhone B15 Duo Units

So what are you waiting for? Inform your family members now and prepare to play the game!

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