Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SUGOI! Godoe’s Cosplay Photo Competition

Calling all Anime Cosplayers! Go Nuts Donuts in partnership with Anime Alliance, and Cosplay Network Philippines brings you “SUGOI! Godoe’s Online Cosplay Photo Competition!


Take a photo with any Go Nuts Donuts Product (donuts, pizza, cookie bites, beverages.. etc.) in your best Cosplay attire.

Send it to from October 23-November 8, 2010. Cosplayer’s name, contact #, character, photographer and a short description should be indicated on the email.

Qualified entries will be posted on our facebook fan page for judging.

The ff. criteria shall be used for judging:

Godoe’s choice – To be decided by a panel of judges (80%)

30% – Product integration

25% – Photo creativity (Aesthetics)

25% – Costume

Facebook Likes – for Facebook fans of Go Nuts Donuts (20%)

Less than 50 likes – 5%

Less than 100 likes – 10%

Less than 150 likes – 15%

More than 150 likes – 20%

The winner will be announced on Facebook on November 15, 2010


1. Product shots embedded into photos are strictly prohibited.

2. Costumes must be tasteful and cover appropriate areas of the body.

3. Images with subject related to Gore/Violence/Hentai will be disqualified.

4. Costumes must be of Japanese anime, game, manga or media, movie, book origin, Korean media and Filipino media. No original characters.

Terms and Conditions:

By sending your photos to Go Nuts Donuts, you agree to give us rights to post your submitted entry on our website (, our facebook fan page and other marketing collaterals related to “SUGOI! Godoe’s Online Cosplay Photo Competition!” Credits will be given to the photographer and the Cosplayer.

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