Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

My Adorable, Lovely and Sweet Siamese Cat - Chi-Chi

Cats are very cute and cuddly felines that are believed to be associated with humans 9500 years ago. They're the most popular pet in the world. They are very lively, lovely and furry, vibrant creatures that God created to be loved and taken care of.

Owning a cat means having a responsibility to take care of them and making them feel healthy, happy and safe.

It is very essential for cats to have a stimulating environment to stay healthy and happy. Remember that a bored cat is not a happy cat and they tend to have more behavioral problems. Having the decision to keep your cat indoors comes the responsibility of making sure your indoor-only cat has the things he or she needs to be happy.

Here are some tips to keep your indoor feline friend happy and entertained:

* Provide a window view - cats loves to look on the window! They love to watch what's going on outside and keeps them entertained and stimulated.

* Use catnip - if your cat loves catnip then provide them some to let them enjoy periodically.

* Cat Toys - cats love to play around with toys. They like to chase the ball or a squeaky mouse. There are a lot of available toys for cats that can be purchased in stores so don't mind buying one.

* A Spot of Sun - cats love to sit in the sun. Find a place in your house where the sun shines in and place your cat in that location.

* Give a massage - cats like humans love massage! give them a relaxing massage on their back and neck and hear your cat purr!

* Give plenty of love - cats need love like humans. They need to be cuddled and hugged! Let your feline pet feel your love by cuddling him, stroking his back and paying attention to him always.

* Provide food - cats need food and water. Change their drinking water everyday and make sure it's clean. Provide healthy cat foods whether dry or wet to keep them healthy.

* Provide a good sleeping spot - cats love to sleep on soft places. Provide a small bed for them by making one out of small boxes!

* Scratching Post - cats love to scratch around on different furnitures, so in order for them not to destroy your couch or sofa, buy them a scratching post!

* Spaying / Neutering - spaying or neutering is very important to an indoor only cats mental health, and can prevent some diseases too!
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